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The Political and Economic Moral Challenge – Part I

The Political and Economic Moral Challenge – Part I

Some years ago, 1948 I believe it was, there was written a book titled “COMMUNISM and the CONSCIENCE of the WEST”, to which I now take advances from. But not before mentioning the author, well I’ll do that in the end, so as not to leave any verbal alienation for, or from the readers.

“There remains the one standard that has not yet been universally used, namely, the choosing of candidates on moral grounds. A nation always gets the kind of politicians it deserves. When our moral standards are different, our legislation will be different. As long as the decent people refuse to believe that morality must manifest itself in every sphere of human activity, including the political, they will not meet the challenge of Marxism (communism). Contemporary history proves that modern political leaders, devoid of a moral inspiration and relying solely on a mass basis (might makes right), proves ineffectual in time of crisis as did the Kerensky regime and the Weimar politicians. Being the creation of a confused mass group and not primarily defenders of the right, they prove in the end to be only transitional phases in a movement toward a revolutionary regime. The apathy of an electorate to moral leadership is always reflected in the apathy of their politicians. ‘What men do not see is that the fracturing of the spiritual community means the loss of inclusive and unifying moral sanctions over the whole of man’s activities.

The modern world has no cement to bind together personal morals and the morals of political and economic life.’ If a time ever comes when the religious Jews, Protestants and Catholics have to suffer under a totalitarian state denying them the right to worship God according to the light of their conscience, it will be because for years they thought it made no difference what kind of people represented them in Congress, and because they never opposed the spiritual truth to the materialist lie.”

Although, I would take a personal exception and insert the “Obama regime” and/or the “Bush regime”, the big ‘R’ and big big “D” parties, as current proofs and for violations of moral conscience, particularly as they had to do with the creation of stimulus and TARP programs. And I may even mention that in this time we have few defenders of right, present company excluded, of course. And to the question of electorate apathy, I would say more of a mass conversion and duplicity than apathy in, again a causality from our not-so-free and immoral press. I don’t know how one creates a moral press perhaps affiliate with America’s Partynews, is a good start.

Fulton Sheen goes on; Awh! I just gave it away.

“Woe is me,..” (1Corinthians 9:16) and woe unto us, if the believing element in our country does not allow its belief in God and morality to seep deep down into the action in the polling booths. The first effective campaign against full blown communism is to wage war against our temptation to abandon the spiritual in the realm of the political. Nothing can do men of good will more harm than apparent compromises with parties that subscribe to anti-moral and anti-democratic and anti-God forces. We must have the courage to detach our support from men (and women) who are doing evil. We must bear them no hatred, but we must break with them.”

So I put it to you, as has the founders of this party and specifically Alan Keyes; The Political and Economic Challenges facing us today and into the tomorrows “God willing” is nothing if we don’t address the moral problems first. First things first, are our moral obligations. To God,.. To Family,.. and To Country.

Posted by G.C. Stevenson

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