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THE WAY OF THE CROSS: Conquest of Paradise

THE WAY OF THE CROSS: Conquest of Paradise

(New FBA Music Video on the Stations of the Cross by St. Josemaria Escriva w/music by Vangelis)


Dear Friends and Subscribers of FBA,

Each Easter, FBA creates and presents a new music video for Holy Week.  This year is no exception and we have just released the worldwide debut of our new film, “The Way of the Cross.”  It is a short video of Jesus’ Passion and Death as presented in the Stations of the Cross.  It’s message is “joy and hope” for all through the Redemptive Sufferings of Christ.

This year’s film is very special.  In our New Jersey parish, we’ve spiritually adopted a sweet 12 year-old girl who with her family are fighting Cancer.  Recently the parish had a community Rosary said in our Chapel in thanksgiving for graces already received and to succor additional prayers and other Acts of Mercy on her behalf.

What ultimately materialized was a music video unifying the Redemptive Value of Sufferings for our Savior, our parish child, and in hope for all those fighting diseases of the body.  You are special.  You have shared and enter in Jesus’own corporal pain.

The film offers a universal message for all who suffer, and Christ’s invitation unite with Him in His victory over the flesh.

Finally, in making this video all text comes from the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva and the music is by Vangelis, composted and performer of the movie soundtrack, 1942:  Conquest of Paradise.

Pray for Grace,

nic haros
Director, FacebookApostles.org

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