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Radical Islam and the Editorial Position of FacebookApostles.org

tumblr_mkxb3u9nxZ1ra3dz7o1_1280Radical Islam and the Editorial Policy of Facebook Apostles

by nic haros

SUNDAY NIGHT EDITORIAL:  September 14, 2014
Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross

My Dear Brothers and Sisters of Facebook Apostles:

I am steadfastly committed to sharing with you, all news dealing with the current realities of Radical Islamist-based terrorism. I use news content provided by only legitimate and vetted professional news organizations. Lately, I am getting some nasty personal messages claiming I am anti-muslim. Further a few see no place for these posts on a Catholic Social Media Network. There have been a few voices who sound downright treating. I will refer each and any instances of hate mail and threats as they do violate Facebook Terms of Service standards of good community behavior.

First, wake up America. There is a resurgent and eternal Holy War taking place between Good and Evil in the World. The entire world, (and particularly the Catholic, Christian, and Jewish faiths with one God who is loving, merciful, and forgiving) are very much invested in victory or defeat. I maintain and always will believe that current and future developments in World Jihad are most appropriate for this Catholic Facebook Page.

Second, I am not a racist or anti-muslim! I am, however at great odds with those factions who are extremists to the point of beheading followers of Christ, for their Faith if not willing to renounce their religion. Further, and even if global jihadists are muslim OR white Americans, Brits, or any other nationality, I will still resist this demonic ideology. So much for the unfair charge of racism.That having been said, it is also true that while all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists have been Muslim. Those who level this guttural, conversation-stopper put-downs can be compared, I believe to any other “demographic or ethnic” resorting to a “race card” to shut down intelligent debate.

Third, as suggested by your comments, many. (too many) comment that if it were not for FBA, they would not know any of the from the mainstream media. As such, I believe I am providing a needed voice through this platform.

Finally, I am an American Baptized and Confirmed Catholic. I would be betraying my Sacramental vow and commitment to spread the Gospel Message, correct errors, and have the courage of my personal convictions to defend Our Lord, His Mother, and His Holy Catholic Church.

I will not be scared into silence by some; I will not be shutdown by political correctness, and I will continue this position along with are many other daily inspirational content. One or two private messages I received said if I won’t stay quiet, they will “unlike” FBA. I say, “OK.” I believe in Democracy and all are free to make their own choices.

I always regret the loss of a fan and always hope to change minds and hearts. If you are not interested in this message of a Forgiving Loving God, and not a God of Revenge and Death, well…. I will pray for you.


Admin, FBA

2 Responses

  1. I just deleted the comment.

  2. These radical Islamists would love to see criticism suppressed especially under the guise of PC. The openly blasphemous murders committed in the name of Islam are an insult to that faith, and must be exposed for what they are. Do not back down. Keep the spotlight shining on these men.
    Fr. Gregg Elliott

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