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Personal Editorial: A Social Media Response to Pro-Jihadi Sites by Nic Haros

Personal Editorial: A Social Media Response to Pro-Jihadi Sites by Nic Haros

As you know, I am personally concerned regarding all the Jihadist acts occurring around the world. I’ve called it a “New Holy War.” I’ve also ask that all FBA respond with their Catholic Faith, to troll pro-Jihadi sites to respond and correct errors as compared to our understanding of the One, True God.

I have done so myself under my personal FB I.D. so as to not endanger the FBA brand. Though I fear either a visit from the FBI or a personal attack from Jihadists sympathizers on Facebook. Nevertheless, Jesus said it’s not easy to defend the faith in light of Apostasy, it is in acknowledge of my Baptismal and Conformational vows which demand such actions.

I am astounded and concerned with what I am finding. Many of these sites on FB actually have many calling for Jihad in America. Why does not FB censor or remove these posts and pages?

Part of a Christian response, I believe, should be reporting these sites to Facebook AND Law Enforcement.

I am currently working on my third short musical documentary on “The New Holy War”, and am researching the history of at least 9 Crusades in World History. The Video is to be called, “The Crusades: A Concise History (The New Holy War – Part III.)

So far, and in each world event, the Popes have called for a Christian Response to counter Jihad. True, their calls in the past have been to militarize their actions. Today, this is not practical or even possible. BUT, as in cases of past Holy Wars, a Christian response is still needed and called for. On this score, Pope Francis has not responded as I would hope.

In acceptance of this new duty I take the actions as mentioned above and I again cry out to FBA to respond in a spiritual way as I have suggested with personal Holiness, Prayer, and Social Media activism to support and defend the Catholic Faith.

nic haros,
Director and Admin for FacebookApostles.org

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