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Can A Catholic Parish Pastor be Impeached? Seriously!

Can a Catholic Parish Pastor Be Impeached? Seriously!

I recognize that there are both good and bad priests. Here’s a quick, real story. Tell me what you think:

My Mom died on 9/11 at the age of 76. Each year I arrange for a Catholic Mass to be said each year for her on that day. For the past 7 years it has been standard to bring a photo of my Mom to display near the altar.

This year was no exception. I arranged for the Mass last November and I made arrangements for a family member to bring the photo to the designated Mass this 9/11. I could not be there as I was a reader of names at Ground Zero at the same time.

The night before as the clock was about to turn 9/11, the pastor wrote me to say he would NOT display her picture as he himself had done several times in the past. I wrote back to appeal and he dismissed me by saying, “This conversation is over” and said he would block my email if I wrote him again on the matter. He offered no justifiable reason.

This is the same pastor who last year blocked me from the parish Facebook Page after I refused to stop posting pro-life sentiments on that site.

And finally, this is the same man who threatened to remove me from my Lector, Committee, and other parish ministries if I didn’t stop asking for his support.
Not what I would consider a compassionate and merciful man of the cloth.

And please, don’t ask me to inform my Bishop in Trenton, NJ. I’ve tried in the past and they always pick up his tail.
So again I ask, can a “Catholic” pastor be impeached?


P.S. I am usually the last to air the Church’s dirty laundry in public, but I just can’t let this one stand. I and my family have been grossly disrespected. In fairness, I have not mentioned his name.


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  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. The church has lost many because the priest didn’t understand why the parishioner is asking for something. I will pray for you, but we laity are the low ones on the totem pole if we are there at all.

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