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2018 WTC Memorial Ceremony & Remarks


2018 WTC Memorial Ceremony & Remarks

Dear Family & Friends.

I have the honor of reading my Mom’s and others’ name at Ground Zero on 9/11/18.  I’d like to share with you my remarks on this special occasion:

Hi Mom…

Today we gather to share memories and prayers with our Beloved departed and their families.

My Mom, Frances was 76 years old and was no one that would stick out of a crowd, that is, unless it was her acts of love to others in her life.

She was a loving wife to her husband. Ironically, and decades earlier– he dug out the very same foundations of the Towers with an excavation crew.

She was a great and sacrificing mother to her three children, and to her grandchildren. Were she still alive she would have treasured her new great grandchildren.

And many years after her death I learned that she was a secret benefactor of several relatives or friends who needed her help emotionally or financially. I never knew. Mom did good then disappeared.

I will “never forget” you and the abundance of love you gave me.

But one more thing, if I may…

This year a Representative of the House referred to our loss as just another “Incident”

This year a network political pundit said the President’s performance in Helsinki was as traitorous an act as was 9/11

And last week, a Senator attacked the Supreme Court Nominee and called him a racist for alleged actions immediately following 9/11


STOP using the bones and ashes of our loved ones as “props” in your political theatre. Their lives, sacrifices, and deaths are worth so much more. Let’s not trivialize them or us

To my Mother, Frances Haros. and to all you and your loved ones.

Let us never forget 911.

8 Responses

  1. My brother died trying to rescue people in NY on 9/11. I spoke with representatives of the Memorial Service. They are upset with Mr. Haros’ taking advantage of his privilege to read the names of victims by a making a disgraceful political speech. He was advised before he read the names that he was not supposed to do what he did. Haros used his mother’s death to gain the personal attention that he apparently desperately needs. He is now advertising his appearances on cable TV propaganda shows…. the disgraceful and shameful behavior continues.

  2. Your words were exactly what’s needed. You are a son whose mother would be very proud. You had the grace and courage to speak the truth in such a public forum, and I and all the people in my life have not stopped talking about how wonderful you were to seize the moment and speak the truth to these reprehensible deniers. Please google your name, because on Linked In (or perhaps it was another site), someone appears to have hacked you.

  3. Absolutely reprehensible to sully the victim’s memories with your racism. Your mother shades her eyes in death, as she can’t look at you any longer. Please, do not speak for the dead, and do not malign the living with your unadulterated racism. Thank you.

    • The racism is entirely on Omar. She won’t say Islamic terrorists committed the worst attack in American history. I witnessed the Towers fall and lost several friends that day, and everyone knows who did it.

  4. Haros Jr, grow up. I’m a white catholic mail and have the intelligence to not attack the congresswoman you continue to attack. Your reference to the squad is indicative of your trump loving ways. The fact that you used today in a nationally public venue to attack a jr congressperson reveals more about your political motivation than mourning those that perished. Get it?

  5. Everything I’ve ever learned about Christianity, Don Trump lives the opposite. I am ashamed for him and you. Your mom would be ashamed of you, too.

  6. If Don is a Christian, fuck Christianity.

  7. Excellent words today!!!

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