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About Facebook Apostles


Facebook Apostles: New Social Media Network for Catholics

In his many annual World Communications Day messages, Pope Benedict has called both clergy and laity to use the Internet to evangelize the world and to put all the new digital media at the service of Christ and His Church. Facebook Apostlesa personal initiative developed within the Diocese of Trenton—has heard the Holy Father’s call and in answer to him, has created Facebook Apostles, a new and exciting Catholic social network on the web.

Now on the Web, Facebook, Twitter,Wordpress, LinkedIn and YouTube, Facebook Apostles is a fast-growing and exciting resource for Catholics on the Internet. In our first year alone, FBA reached over 35 million viewers in 25 countries around the world.

Our FBA posts incorporate only authentic Catholic content from approved sites and which are vetted online by our FBA clergymen followers. In its stories, photos, music, and videos, FBA provides an innovative vehicle for Catholic and Apostolic formation in a way that facilitates one’s own electronic format for our own personal evangelical and apostolic outreach called for by the command of Christ.

On Facebook Apostles you will find daily liturgical audio readings, Saints of the Day, news from the Vatican, USCCB, and the Diocese of Trenton, Catholic Prayers and Devotions, Friends and Doctors of the Church, Apologetics, Famous Authors, a 24/7 recitation of the Rosary, and so much more. FBA also provides information and advocates on behalf of the Bishops call for Faithful Citizenship to enter into a political response to the political challenges against the Life & Human Dignity teachings of our Faith. And most of all, FBA is entertaining and fun for all ages. We feature contemporary Christian and traditional music, films for family with wholesome educational values, full-length movies such as, “The Passion of the Christ”, and much other audio/visual content to be shared and enjoyed.

Links to all of our various social media platforms can be found at FacebookApostles.org. Send your comments to FacebookApostles@aol.com.

We encourage you to seek us out, use, and recommend our new Social Network to others. With Facebook Apostles, it is our hope and prayer to promote a deeper understanding of Catholicism for all, and to offer an electronic tool for the spreading of the Word of God around the world.

All FBA resources are provided in charity, without cost.

Thanks, and hope to see you on FBA!

Nic Haros,

Director, Facebook Apostles


2 Responses

  1. If you are the Nicholas Haros who spoke today about 9/11 I am so proud of your willingness to speak so plainly and eloquently. This is what everyday people feel about the overly self-important political class that gets a disproportionate amount of exposure in the media for their counterproductive missives. Well done, your mother would be so proud.


  2. Fuck you, and all of those attacking Ilhan Omar. You call yourselves Christian, but you don’t have the slightest appreciation for the teaching of Jesus. May you rot in hell for using 9/11 to advance your misguided ambitions.

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