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Asking Aaron Clarey: Has America seen its best days? by Joseph Cotto

Asking Aaron Clarey: Has America seen its best days?


The popular economist shares his opinion on this and more.
OCALA, Fla., August 22, 2013 — The boy throws a baseball to his father, and Dad catches it in the palm of his gloved hand.

“Nice toss, son!” He says with an encouraging smile.

Afterward, his daughter shouts “Here it comes, Dad!” and tosses the baseball. Like before, Dad reaches for the ball and catches it in midair.

“Great toss, sweetheart,” he states.

Later, a different boy warns “Get ready, Dad!” and sends the baseball off. Unlike before, Dad is not the typical suburban-looking thirtysomething, but a life-sized check from the federal government. The ball hits the check and bounces off of it, falling to the ground shortly before Uncle Sam’s subsidy does.

As the check struggles on the grass, a narrator offers some insightful words: “Government checks; they can replace fathers, but not very well.”

The scene then cuts to an advertisement for economist Aaron Clarey’s ebooks. One of these, released earlier this year, is entitled “Enjoy the Decline”. It draws the conclusion that America is so far gone socioeconomically that all concerned citizens can do is sit back and relax as the country deteriorates.

Yesterday, Clarey spoke about how and why he determined that our country is falling down. Today, he shares more of his views on the subject.

For instance, why has he encouraged people to enjoy the United States’s decline? Continue reading

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